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Who Are Children Of All Nations

Children of all Nations is an established Fostering Agency working with many Local Authorities across the London Boroughs. We offer a uniquely supportive, family feel to our Foster Carers and have been judged as Good with Outstanding features by OFSTED.
Our Foster Carers are a reflection of our organisation in terms of diversity, they come from all ethnicities, religions and cultures which embraces the ethos and aims of Children of all Nations.

Emergency & Respite Placements

Most of our carers are able to accept unplanned, emergency placements when there is an emergency or crisis situation. If it is decided that a longer period of stay is required, this will be negotiated as soon as possible, and may involve a transfer within Children of All Nations network of foster carers. Children of All Nations provide its carers with 24-hour support thus enabling us to place a child/young person at any time of the day or night.

Short-Term Placements

Short-term fostering can vary from days to over three months and longer. This is usually done when there are illnesses or the child /young person has suffered from abuse or significant harm, thus enabling the Social services to work with the child and their parents. The aim of most short-term fostering is usually to get the child back to their family as soon as possible.


Sometimes children and young people cannot go back to live with their birth families, and will need to be placed with a suitable family, allowing the child young person to grow and develop in a safe and secure environment.

PARENT AND CHILD PLACEMENT Parent and Child Placements

We recognise the complex issues which can lead to young people having entering into parenthood whilst they are still young themselves, and lacking the maturity and life experiences necessary for good parenting.


These placements are available to assist resolution of crisis situations and thus are subject to regular reviews. Children of All Nations will endeavour to undertake rehabilitation work with parents if appropriate and as agreed with the placing authority, and /or assess and prepare the child/young person for long-term placement in accordance with the placing authority’s requirements.


We can be contacted anytime day or night via our 24 hour on call service If you would like to make a referral, or need more information, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.

Primary Contacts

Tel: 0203 475 2253

Help and Support

Take a look at our FAQ section on this website to find the answers to some question which have been asked by our clients.

Children of All Nations

Children of All Nations is an Independent Fostering Agency, situated in the London Borough of Croydon and is registered by OFSTED.

Children of All Nations was founded in 2004. The company’s belief is that children and young people are our future generation and that they should be given the opportunities to reach their full potentials in life.

One of the aims of Children of All Nations is to complement existing statutory provision and to offer a service to the fostering profession. With a combination of skills, knowledge and the right support package for the foster carers, we believe that children and young people will benefit from the care and support to meet their individual needs.

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Children of all Nations
Room 201-202
Weatherill House
New South Quarter
23 Whitestone Way

Tel: 0203 475 2253

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Inspection Reports

OFSTED REPORT February 2014
Our latest report took place in February 2014. The report shows how we have progressed in the last 9 years, as we continue to provide a good quality service to our children and the carers.

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